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The Perfect Pre and Post-Workout Routine

Raise your hand if working out is on your 2021 to-do list? Mine too! It's not easy to get back into the swing of things (or start the swing of things for that matter). We need some HELP! I have found that having the perfect pre and post-workout routine is the way to go when it comes to actually getting the workout done.

The Perfect Pre-Workout Routine

1. Get Your Playlist Ready

Everyone gets motivated by different things. And even the same person can be in the mood for different playlists on any given day. If you don't have an audiobook or podcast that you're super into right now, definitely make sure to have two different playlists of music! One super upbeat and one more calming. For instance, if I'm doing a more intense workout, upbeat music would be my jam. But if you're into running or yoga, sometimes a super soothing playlist is just what you need.

2. doTERRA's Mito2Max Complex

doterra's mito2max

We need all the energy!! As crazy busy women and moms, it's so easy to let the overwhelm and fatigue take over. This is why I seriously love Mito2Max from doTERRA SO MUCH. It really is a mama's best friend. Here are the main benefits to this amazing supplement:

  • Promotes efficient production of ATP in the mitochondria of cells* ( you more physical energy in non-scientific terms)

  • Enhances stamina and efficient use of oxygen*

  • Supports metabolic adaptation for diverse activities, from movie watching to marathon running*

  • Improves mental energy*

Not only will this help with getting the energy to work out, but it's a great source of natural energy for everyday life.

doterra's breathe vapor stick

3. doTERRA's Breathe Essential Oil Blend

Opening up the airways is essential when it comes to getting ready for your workout. Not only will it give you a little energy boost, but it will help you to breathe easy before, during, and after your workout. One of the perks about Breathe is that it comes in so many forms. doTERRA offers the pure Breathe Essential Oil, a diluted roller ball version in Breathe Touch, and even a Breathe Stick (think vapor rub but NATURAL).

It's perfect for workouts and ,honestly, everyday life.

The Perfect Post-Workout Routine

1. Have a Protein Shake

Coming from the medical field, I know how important protein is...especially after a workout. They are the building blocks of muscles! And doTERRA has got you covered! They have a new nutrition line that included vanilla, chocolate, and vegan protein powder! YES! Here are the primary benefits of doTERRA's protein shakes:

doterra's chocolate, vanilla, and vegan protein powders
  • Premium protein blends

  • All-natural flavors, sweetened with monk fruit and stevia

  • Well-balanced amino acids profile necessary to enhance energy and increase stamina*

  • Helps control appetite*

  • Provides the body the necessary nutrients that it needs to produce ATP*

  • Supports muscle growth and recovery*

  • Free from GMO, gluten, soy, and RBST hormone

So after your workout, enjoy a yummy protein shake to refuel your muscles and hopefully curb those sugar cravings!

2. Put on Some Deep Blue Rub

More muscle help. One of my all time favorite doTERRA products is their amazing Deep Blue Rub. Ladies, if you have a skeptical spouse when it comes to essential oils, get them Deep Blue...they WILL change their mind.

Deep Blue Rub is doTERRA's way of giving us some good ol' icy hot without the toxic ingredients. It is a topical cream formulated with Deep Blue Soothing Blend of CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils, natural plant extracts, and additional helpful ingredients that provides a comforting sensation of cooling and warmth to problem areas.

Trust me, it's going to feel amazing on those muscles!

3. Get Your Diffuser Running

You just got done with your workout, and you're feeling on top of the world! It feels good right? Get those good vibes going and enjoy the post-workout vibes that this diffuser blend will give you:

post-workout diffuser blend - 2 drops spearmint, 3 drops balance, 3 drops lavender

Post-Workout Diffuser Blend:

Give yourself a chance to wind down. You just put gave your body some self-care and it wasn't easy! Have your shake, get that Deep Blue on your muscles and relax with essential oil goodness!

I hope all these tips get you in the mood to get you're workout on! And just as a reminder, if you don't have your doTERRA wholesale account, that is the easiest and most affordable way to purchase doTERRA products! I'm here to help if you need. Book a coffee chat with me so that we can talk about how essential oils can support your health and the health of your family!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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