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We are excited to give you a little snapshot of our lives! My name is Alana and my husband is Kyle. We also have this amazing little blessing named Ella. This year Kyle and I have been together for 18 years and married for 16. Yes, we got together young and married young, most people thought we were crazy! It has been a wild ride full of adventure and we wouldn't change a thing!!

Kyle and I met in high school and he decided the military was calling his name. It threw me for a loop, not knowing anything about military life. I quickly found my sense of adventure and hopped on board. We spent our first tour in North Carolina and then headed to Idaho. I decided Kyle couldn't have all the fun, so I decided to join the Air Force as well. We were stationed in Idaho together for 4 years. Then we welcomed our beautiful daughter into our lives and I decided momlife was my higher calling and finished my time in the military. I swore after North Carolina I would never live in the South again (Bugs and Humidity do not agree with me), but the military had different plans. Off to

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the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, we went. Not our ideal location for bugs or humidity, but some of the best years of our life. We got to discover our Disney obsession. Now we are stationed in one of the most beautiful places on earth, the Black Hills of South Dakota. This hidden gem is our favorite base so far.  When we got to South Dakota, we decided we wanted even more adventure in our life. So after never having owned (or even really ever stayed in) a camper, we decided that we were going to buy and live in one FULL TIME!! This has been the craziest and one of the best things we have ever done!! We are definitely learning as we go!

Neither of us grew up in a crunchy, hippy, holistic type of home, so it's funny that we have found ourselves on this Natural Adventure. When our daughter came into our lives, it really changed our thinking. It was no longer just about us. We really started to become aware of all of the toxins in our environment and how dangerous they truly were.


We started to think about our food and how processed it was. We started to think about our cleaners and how toxic they were. We started to think about our medications and how many side effects came along with them. Without even realizing it, we had started a mission. We soon discovered Essential Oils and doTERRA. That was the last piece of the puzzle we were missing. Wow, have they changed our life and our health.


We are by no means perfect, and never pretend to be. We know how hard it is to make natural decisions sometimes in this world, but every day we are trying. If we mess up, that is ok, the next day we get to start fresh. It is a journey. Most of the time we have absolutely no idea what we are doing, but we are having fun trying. So join us on this journey to health and watch us try to figure out what the heck we are doing!


Adventure With Us

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