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Spring Oils-Pollen Protection

Spring is officially here! (Finally the seemingly endless winter has come to an end here in South Dakota). The grass is turning green and the flowers are starting to bloom, the world around us is starting to thaw and come to life. Its so beautiful. But, with that, the pollen is also starting to fly! Here are some amazing and natural solutions as we Spring into Spring! When you notice all of a sudden your eyes are itchy, nose is itchy and running, and those sneezes start, it can make you miserable!! Our entire adult life, my husband and I have been on some form or another of daily stuff to combat those seasonal trouble makers, but not anymore!!

This is a magic trio that has been so helpful to kick those seasonal discomforts!! Lavender naturally supports a healthy histamine response and combined with Lemon and Peppermint is the perfect spring trio! We love to diffuse this trio, apply topically, as well as take internally every 3 hours on those days when that pollen is flying! Also a drop of Lemon on a tsp. of local honey can ease an irritated throat and lung tickle.

doTERRA's lemon, lavender, and peppermint essential oils

Also during those times I usually need a little extra Respiratory Support as well! 🤧

These are my go to's for respiratory support in Winter or in Spring!

💧 Breathe Blend we pop into the diffuser to help open up our airways. (When it’s really bad I will even pop in 15-20 drops) 💧 Breathe Touch Roller is pre diluted and ready for the whole family. We roll it onto the chest, back, and bottoms of the feet. I also put a dab under my nose. 💧 Breathe lozenges are amazing at helping with chest discomfort and lung tickle. These really help me get through my day!!

bag of doTERRA's breathe throat drops

Sometimes that pollen likes to move into your sinuses and camp out!

This is an amazing little trick that I use for just such occasions! This is also handy for Sinus Issues anytime of the year!

This is called a Sinus Steamer! Here is what you need:

In a Steamy cup of Hot Water, add 1-2 drops of the following: 💧 Lemon 💧 Oregano 💧 Peppermint 💧 Tea Tree Lean over steamy cup and take some deep breaths through your nose, getting it way into those sinuses, just avoid your eyes as the vapor can be strong. Have some tissues on hand incase those sinuses start flowing. Repeat a few times a day as needed.

red mug on counter with doTERRA oils next to it - "sinus steamer"

Sometimes the gunk in the sinuses decides to head south into the lungs. It can develop into lung irritation. Those can be annoying and even painful. They can disrupt your day and even keep you up at night. The worst is when your child has the chest discomforts, it can make you feel pretty helpless as a parent. Well we no longer have to suffer helplessly or turn to a chemical option that is filled with side effects. Here is one of my favorite blends to help when those nasty lung irritations come up.

I like to whip up this roller bottle and keep it handy for frequent application when the lung barking strikes. Here is the recipe:

10mL Roller bottle 💧15 drops of Breathe 💧10 drops of Melaleuca 💧7 drops of Frankincense 💧5 drops of Douglas Fir Top the rest off with Fractionated Coconut Oil. We apply as needed for lung tickle. If making a roller for a child, start with half of the drops of essential oil and go up from there as needed.

doTERRA essential oil bottles lying flat on wood surface.

I am so thankful for essential oils as a natural option in our home! If you would like to get these natural options into your home click here:

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