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Who Wants To Share Our RV?!!

We put our RV on RVshare, and it's already been the best decision!

2019 Forester RV on RV Share

As you may know, but husband just got back from a year long deployment. Before he left, we were living in our 5th wheel adventuring around the US.

So when we found out he would be leaving, we bought our 2nd RV (a class C). We needed something that I could handle traveling in with just myself and my daughter.

So now that my husband is home, we don't need to live in 2 RV's at once, am I right?! Haha. So we thought it would be fun to let other families use our RV to have amazing travel experiences like we have!

Here are some fun facts about listing our RV for rent on RVshare:

We had no idea what we were doing, but it was easy anyways!

We were pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to list our RV! We already had great photos of the RV, so we uploaded it, added all of the details that the system walked us through, and voila!

We got our first renters within 24 hours of listing!

First Reservation on RVshare

Isn't it crazy?! Not only was it super simple to list our RV, we got a booking within 24 hours! We were so excited and knew right away that this was going to be a fun journey for us. We are now able to give families a fun experience AND add an extra stream of income for our family! It's a WIN-WIN!

We wanted to give our renters the BEST experience, so we grabbed some faves on Amazon

So we got our first booking and thought..."well, I guess we should buy all the things that our renters will need now, huh?!" haha.

So we turned to Amazon of course. We really wanted to provide a high quality experience for our renters so that they could have a memorable vacation with all of the amenities they would want and need.

If you want to know all of the goodies we purchased, I added them to my Amazon store! Take a peek!

As we continue on our RVshare journey, we will definitely keep you updated on the how-to's, the ups and downs, and the adventures! We will be sharing our adventures over on Instagram too, so make sure you are following us!


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