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Essential Oil Diffuser: The Easiest Way to Use Essential Oils

I totally get it. The essential oil world can be a little (or a lot) intimidating. You may have thought about using them, but all of these DIY oil mamas are out there creating their own laundry detergent and foot scrubs with them and you just don't got time for that. Neither do I! This is why when I tell people how easy it is to use essential oils, I'm always raving about using an essential oil diffuser.

Not only is using a diffuser the easiest way to use essential oils, the benefits of having a diffuser in your home are incredible. But before talking about the benefits, Let's answer some frequently asked questions when it comes to using your diffuser.

What does an essential oil diffuser do?

Let's start at the beginning. What is a diffuser and what does it actually do? It's pretty simple...a diffuser uses water and essential oils to mist the oil particles into the air.

Is it OK to use a diffuser everyday?

Yes!! It's more than fact, we have our diffusers going ALL DAY EVERY DAY. One of the things that I love about doTERRA's essential oils is that they are the safest on the market. You don't have to worry about fillers, pesticides, or additives, so diffusing them in your home everyday is not only safe, but brings so many health benefits to everyone around.

Is diffusing essential oils safe for pets?

I get this question a lot....I know we love our pets just as much as any member of our family and we want to do what is best for them! Because of doTERRA's purity and standards, we know exactly what is in each bottle. Unfortunately we can't say that about every essential oil brand on the market. We diffuse all of our doTERRA oils (and ONLY doTERRA) around our pups, but we also understand that animals can be much more sensitive, so we always provide them a way to leave the room if they want. If you would like to learn more about Essential Oils with pets, here is a great article from Veterinarian Dr Janet Roark.

Ok, now let's talk about the awesome benefits of having an essential oil diffuser and WHY it's the easiest way to use essential oils when you're a newbie!

Benefits of Essential Oil Diffusers and Why It's So Easy!

Boosts Your Mood

If you are finding that you've got some grumps in the house, try throwing a few drops of a happy citrus oil in the diffuser like lemon, tangerine, lime. Throw in a drop or 2 of peppermint and everyone will be feeling uplifted and invigorated!

Cleanses the Air

One of the main benefits of diffusing your oils is that the essential oils have cleansing properties. Putting in a powerhouse oil like doTERRA's Protective Blend will help cleanse the air and boost immune systems too!

No Measuring

What I love about diffusing is there is NO GUESS WORK! You fill the water to the line and put in 4-8 drops of any combination of oils and you are good to go! Easy Peasy. (If you are in a smaller room or like a very mild scent, feel free to use less. If you are in a larger room or like the smell a little stronger, feel free to use more)

Improves Clarity & Focus

Virtual or Homeschool anyone?! Or maybe you're working from home like me most of the time...using essential oils is a great way to bring clarity and focus. Oils like Frankincense, Peppermint, Rosemary and Copaiba are great for brain health and when you diffuse them, EVERYONE benefits.

Kids Can Join In The Fun

Sometimes getting kids to join in on health and wellness adventures can be a struggle, but not with our essential oils! Kids love getting to create their own diffuser blends! Remember to write down your favorite combos to use again!

It's Cost Effective

Each 15ml bottle of essential oil has about 250 drops. You only need 4-8 when using a diffuser. This makes your oils last awhile! Especially when you combine oils and switch it up from day to day!

Can Help Everyone Sleep Better

We love using our diffusers at night. During the day, diffusing calming oils can definitely bring a relaxing vibe to the home, but at night, you will get some deep rest with oils like cedarwood, lavender, or roman chamomile.

It's Makes Your Home Smell Amazing

With all of the benefits to our mood and health, one of my favorite parts of diffusing is that our home (which is our RV) smells AMAZING! It just makes me happy. :)

Made Even Easier! The Aroma Essentials Kit by doTERRA!

Now, I can end this blog post without telling you how excited I am about doTERRA's NEWEST kit which is called The Aroma Essential Kit. This is the perfect kit for someone who is looking for the EASIEST WAY to starting using and benefiting from essential oils in the

home. Have questions? If you need help getting started, we can have a coffee chat!

I hope that this all helped you see how diffusing essential oils is quick, easy, and beneficial!


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