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10 Most Important Essential Oils For Your Home

If you are new to our blog, then let me catch you up a little. We REALLY like Essential Oils! And that may be an understatement. There are so many amazing essential oils that we use on a daily basis, but I wanted to share with you the 10 most important oils in our collection. I also wanted to give you a little info about each oil, that way you know why we love them so much.

Top Essential Oil #1: Lemon

We are going to start off with LEMON 🍋🍋 This is such a versatile oil and I call it Sunshine ☀️ in a bottle. It has a wonderful, fresh, cleansing, citrusy aroma! We love to use this oil Aromatically-Topically-and Internally. And this is an oil we probably use daily!!

Here are some uses: 🔹Diffuse to neutralize odors 🔹Add a drop to your water to help detox the body and give an energy boost 🔹Combine with vinegar and water as an all-natural window and glass cleaner 🔹Add a few drops to the bottom of the garbage can to freshen 🔹Add a few drops to remove stickers or greasy situations (even crayon off of high hair 😂😂) 🔹Diffuse to uplift mood and add motivation to the day 🔹Support the body's immune system 🔹Can support the respiratory system and help clear mucus 🔹Add to a tsp of honey to soothe an irritated throat 🔹Wonderful to cook with! Add flavor to muffins, cupcakes, and even salmon

🔹Blends well with mints, herbal and florals

Top Essential Oil #2: Lavender

Next in our series is one of the most versatile oils. LAVENDER!! I have never cared for the smell of Lavender until I found this one. I have found that there is such a difference between synthetic and REAL Lavender. This oil has a sweet, calming, and peaceful aroma. We love to use this oil Aromatically-Topically-and Internally.

Here are some of the ways we use it: 🔹Wonderful at calming and soothing emotions. 🔹Apply to bug bites or stings to soothe skin and relieve itching. 🔹Provides relief during spring season when everything is in bloom. Combine with Peppermint and Lemon. 🔹Apply to skin to soothe when you get too much sun. 🔹Diffuse, apply to the bottom of feet and apply a drop to pillow to promote a restful night's sleep. 🔹Combine with Roman Chamomile or Siberian Fir to soothe teething discomfort 🔹Apply to soothe minor skin irritations, cuts, scrapes, rashes, etc 🔹Mix in a spray bottle with water and mist children's toys, stuffed animals, and bedding to help support calming 🔹Apply to temples and neck to soothe head tension. Combine with peppermint for extra relief 🔹Combine with Epson salts and add to bath water to create a calming spa experience 🔹 It promotes consciousness, health, love, peace, and a general sense of well-being. It also nurtures creativity. 🔹Blends well with most oils (especially citrus oils), clary sage, and geranium.

Top Essential Oil #3: Peppermint

Peppermint is truly a Must Have Oil for every home!! It has a cool, refreshing, minty aroma and we love to use this oil Aromatically-Topically-and Internally.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to use it: 🔹Great for cooling the body. Take a drop or two with fractionated coconut oil and apply to the bottom of the feet and spine. Reapply often until at desires body temp 🔹Natural Bug repellent- mix spray bottle with peppermint and water. Spray around doors and windows to repel ants and spiders 🔹Natural discomfort reliever- apply to head and neck to relieve head tension. Apply to muscles and joints to ease aches and discomfort. 🔹Great to help ease irritated throat. 🔹Ease occasional tummy troubles. 🔹Support and clear respiratory and sinus discomfort 🔹Promote focus, concentration, and memory recall 🔹Provides a quick boost of energy and alertness by inhaling and applying to the back of the neck 🔹Adds wonderful refreshing flavor to cooking or baking dishes. Pairs wonderfully with chocolate! 😉 🔹Sooth nausea or car sickness by inhaling or taking a drop internally 🔹Great to soothe hot skin after too much sun 🔹Place drop on the tongue for natural breath freshener 🔹Blends well aromatically with Citrus, Wood, Spice, Root, and Floral essences.

Top Essential Oil #4: Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca)

Next in our series of Must-Have oils for every home is TEA TREE! We love to use it Aromatically-Topically-and Internally. This is a powerful cleansing oil with natural anti-everything properties!

Here are some of our favorite uses: 🔹Apply topically to help reduce Blemishes and Acne. 🔹Very supportive for when those tiny bums get a diaper rash. Combine with Frankincense, Lavender, and fractionated coconut oil. 🔹Great for all things skin related rashes, scrapes, cuts, bug bites, scalp support, and more! 🔹Powerful cleansing properties, great to make All-Purpose cleaner, toilet cleaner, and scrub for the shower, tile, and tub. 🔹Add to shampoo to support a healthy scalp. 🔹Diffuse to cleanse and purify the air. 🔹Use aromatically, topically, and internally to support the immune system. 🔹First Aid in a bottle. Love to have on hand for cuts and scrapes, especially for little ones. 🔹Put a drop around and behind ears to support discomfort. 🔹Blends well with Citrus, Wood, Mints, and herbals.

Top Essential Oil #5: DigestZen

This Oil Changed My Life!!! Digestzen is a blend of peppermint, fennel, anise, ginger, coriander, tarragon, and caraway oils. This oil can be used Aromatically (although we have never Diffused it 😂) Topically and Internally.

This oil is AMAZING for all things Tummy related. Here are some ways to use it. 🔹Hard stools, loose stools, or in between, this oil is great at regulating the digestive system. 🔹Heartburn relief. Very cooling for the esophagus and surrounding areas immediately. 🔹Add a drop or two to a shot of water or a veggie cap to support the digestive system and soothe discomfort. 🔹Take a drop or two and massage into abdomen to soothe tummy discomfort. 🔹For tiny tummies with gas, colic, or bowel issues, take 1 drop mixed with a carrier oil and massage into tummy clockwise. 🔹For nausea or morning sickness this is a great Oil to have on hand. 🔹Helps soothe tummies for car, airplane, and motion sickness. 🔹Apply to bridge of nose and over sinuses to help clear congestion 🔹Great replacement for the "pink stuff" 🔹This oil is pretty much amazing for all things tummy trouble and completely changed my digestive health!

Top Essential Oil #6: On Guard

This is our secret weapon for keeping our family well, especially through those winter months when seasonal threats are high!! We use this blend Aromatically-Topically-and Internally. It's a blend of Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Clove, and Wild Orange. Some say it smells like Christmas in a bottle!

Some of our favorite ways to use it are: 🔹Diffuse this oil to cleanse the air, especially if you feel like you or a family member may be coming down with something. 🔹Put 1-2 drops in a veggie cap and swallow. Place 1-2 drops on the bottom of the feet and spine to support the immune system. 🔹Place 1-2 drops in some warm water and gargle for sore or irritated throat. 🔹Combine with water for a powerful mouth rinse. 🔹Mix with water in a spray bottle for natural hand sanitizer. Also spray on tabletops, shopping carts, children's toys, or any surface. 🔹Makes great Hand Wash and All-Purpose cleaners! 🔹Blends well with herbals, mints, woods, and citruses.

Top Essential Oil #7: Oregano

Next up in our series of MUST HAVE oils for every home is Oregano!! This is not an oil I use every day, but is priceless on those days that I do need it. Oregano is a Powerhouse Oil and so amazing! This oil can be used Aromatically-Topically-and Internally. Remember doTERRA's oils are very potent and this oil is considered a hot oil, so when applying topically, make sure to dilute with fractionated coconut oil, or another carrier oil.

Some people can be nervous about how powerful this oil is, but don't be. It will become your best friend!! Here are some of our favorite uses are: 💧Cooking!! That is one of our favorite ways to use Oregano. Just replace a drop (or toothpick amount for small dishes) for any recipe that calls for Oregano. 💧Powerhouse Oil for immune system support! Oregano has wonderful anti-everything properties. Healthy Healthy Healthy all winter long! 💧Place a drop in a veggies cap or apply to the bottom of the feet and spine (with a carrier oil) to support the immune system or during times of high seasonal threats. 💧Oregano supports a healthy immune response. 💧Great to support digestive health and help flush out unwanted visitors in the GI tract. 💧Supports respiratory health. 💧Dilute and apply to unwanted skin tags and warts. 💧Dilute and apply for healthy toenails. 💧Blends well with herbal, root, Citrus and wood essences.

Top Essential Oil #8: Breathe

This oil is probably one that I a most thankful for as a Mom. There is nothing more heartbreaking to hear when your child struggling in need of respiratory support, you can feel helpless! Breathe is a blend that contains laurel leaf, eucalyptus, peppermint, melaleuca, lemon, cardamom, ravintsara, and ravensara. This is the respiratory blend and it smells so refreshing, clean, and uplifting. This helps open and support the respiratory system. Such a life saver!!!

Here are some of our favorite uses for this blend: 🔹Supports and clears the airway by helping the body break down and clear mucus-put a drop on the chest and hands-cover nose and mouth and inhale. 🔹Add to a diffuser to support airways during day or night 🔹Use prior to and during athletic workout to support oxygen flow and stamina 🔹Put a few drops on the walls of the shower 🚿 to create a steam shower to support airways and clear congestion 🔹Diffuse at night to increase oxygen intake to support a deeper more restful nights sleep 🔹Diffuse and place on the big toe to help quiet snoring 🔹Place on chest with Frankincense Essential Oil to help calm chest tickle. 🔹Use during seasonal discomfort when the pollen count or threats are elevated. Diffuse or place a drop on chest and hands-inhale to clear sinuses. 🔹Use for calming when stress or anxious feelings are elevated. 🔹Blends well with Citruses, Florals, Spices, and Herbals.

Top Essential Oil #9: Frankincense

If I could only choose one Essential Oil for the rest of my life......without a doubt it would be the King Of Oils, Frankincense!! This oil can be used for just about EVERYTHING, in fact, our motto is, "when in doubt, get your Frank out" 😂 Most people have heard of this precious oil from the Bible. Frankincense was one of the gifts brought to Jesus. This is a rare oil that comes from the resin of the Frankincense trees in the Middle East.

We use this oil Aromatically, Topically, and Internally. Here are some of our favorite ways to use it: 🔹Promotes cellular health and can cross the blood-brain barrier. 🔹Supports healthy mood, emotions, and reduce anxious feelings. Wonderful to diffuse for relaxation! 🔹Promotes a healthy inflammatory response within the body. 🔹Rub on chest (great combined with Breathe) to soothe lung tickle. 🔹Rub on forehead, temples, and roof of the mouth to soothe head tension. 🔹Great skin oil!! Reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and blemishes. 🔹Combine with Lavender, Tea Tree, and a Carrier oil for a great diaper rash solution. 🔹Supports a healthy immune response. Take a drop internally and apply topically. 🔹Apply topically around the ear to soothe discomforts. Great combined with Tea Tree. 🔹Use Aromatically, Topically, and internally to reduce brain fog and support memory. 🔹Blends wonderfully with wood, spice, Citrus, root and floral essences.

Top Essential Oil #10: Deep Blue

The last Oil in our series is a wonderful blend called Deep Blue!! This blend contains wintergreen, camphor, peppermint, ylang ylang, helichrysum, blue tansy, blue chamomile, and osmanthus oils. We use the blend topically for any aches and discomforts.

Here are some of my favorite uses for this amazing blend:

🔹Use pre or post-workout to support muscles and reduce soreness. 🔹Apply to head, temples, and neck to reduce head tension. 🔹Apply to the lower abdomen and lower back to ease cramps during that time of the month. 🔹Apply topically where needed on the body to ease occasional muscle, joint, ligament, and tendon aches and discomforts. 🔹Mix with Epson salt and sprinkle in a hot bath to ease all over discomfort. 🔹Apply to growing kids' legs to ease occasional growing discomforts. 🔹Add a few drops to the diffuser for a refreshing and uplifting scent and to help soothe emotional distress.

These 10 oils are our staple oils. We always have these in our home and a backup of each. Yes, there are other oils we use, and some often, but these are the core and the ones we started to use in our home first. If you're looking to start this essential oil journey, these are the 10 to start with! If you would like to learn more about Essential Oils click here.


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