Supporting Your Immune System Naturally

If you have been following along, you’ll know we recently had an “unwelcome visitor” in our house!  This is my second time dealing with this “visitor” and fighting it naturally.  I have been getting a lot of messages asking about our protocol.  I posted it on Instagram stories and wanted to do a blog post so there’d be a centralized place to reference!  
I’m so thankful that we have such a great base of oils and tools in our home to help support our immune systems when we need it.  It helps to know that I’m prepared so that we have everything on hand for when our immune systems are in need EXTRA support. We don’t mess around when it comes to not feeling our best, so when an unwanted visitor enters our home, we attack it from all angles!  I’m sharing my internal, aromatic, and topical protocols below.  Also, just a disclaimer: this is not medical advice - I’m  just sharing what we do to support our immune system in our home.

What Does It Mean to Use Oils Aromatically? 
Aromatic is breathing the oils in - by diffusing, making a spray, or direct inhalation.  Benefits of using oils aromatically are that they help purify the air, soothe emotions, open the airways, and boost the immune system.  

Our Aromatic Protocol to Boost Immunity 
We diffuse 24/7 when we are feeling under the weather!  The oils we used are below.

Diffuser Blends:
  • OnGuard to purify the air (of the unwanted visitors ::wink::)
  • Breathe and Eucalyptus to help open up the respiratory system
  • Frankincense to help with the inflammation going on
  • Serenity and Balance - We wanted some nice calming, relaxing blends to help with a good night's sleep.  A good night’s sleep is important when not feeling well!!  Serenity and Balance were in the diffuser a lot, especially at night.  
Big Dawn Humidifier:  In addition to the diffuser, we also busted out the Big Dawn humidifier.  With most humidifiers, adding oils can actually break them.  This humidifier is made to use with oils!!

Steam Mug:   I got mine from Maivara Stone and it is amazing!!  It produces 25 minutes of thick, warm steam that you can breathe in to help open your airways and help deliver the oils to your olfactory and respiratory systems.  I steamed Breathe, OnGuard, Melaleuca, Frankincense, Oregano, and Eucalyptus.  Use my code NATURALFAMILY for a 10% discount.

What Does It Mean to Use Oils Internally?
Internal use means ingesting doTERRA oils by putting the oils (specifically labeled for internal use) in water, under your tongue, or in capsules.  Not all oils are created equal - I know and trust the science and purity behind doTERRA and are the only oils I would recommend using in our home, and especially taking internally!  

Our Internal Protocol to Boost Immunity
Lifelong Vitality:  These are all of your vitamins and minerals.  Your body needs these all the time, but it needs extra stuff when you are feeling runned down!   Your body has to work so hard to fight off what’s going on and you want to give it all the tools that you can to help! Learn more about the science behind LLV here

DDR Prime:  DDR stands for Damage DNA Repair - I wanted to get down at the cellular level and support my body.

OnGuard Softgels:  OnGuard, Oregano, Black Pepper, Melissa - This is a SUPER POWER combination for the immune system!!   I take these every 2-3 hours throughout the day when feeling run down or exposed to something. 

PB Assist:  This is a great probiotic!  A  lot of our immune system is housed in our gut.  Good gut support equals good immune system support!!

OnGuard Chewables:  These are probably my new favorite thing! These have OnGuard EO + Zinc, Vitamin D and Vitamin C, which are all great things to support the immune system!!

Turmeric Duo Caps:  These are awesome to support healthy levels of  inflammation .  There tends to be a lot of inflammation that goes on with this - so we definitely wanted to support our body with that. 

Breathe Lozenges:  These are life!!!  They help open everything up and really support the respiratory system.
Veggie Caps:  I also made my own veggie caps with the doTERRA veg capsules.  I alternated between OnGuard Softgels and the ones I make below.

Add a drop of each to an empty capsule:
  • Thyme
  • Copaiba
  • Oregano
  • Frank
  • OnGuard
  • Melissa
  • Peppermint
Lemon:  Also we drank lots of water with lemon EO to help with mucus production!!

What Does It Mean to Use Oils Topically? 
Topical means putting oils on our body - they’ll absorb into our skin and get into the blood stream that way.  One way to use them topically is to make your own roller blend with a combo of oils + Fractionated Coconut Oil.  When you’re not feeling well and exhausted, you may not have the energy/motivation to do so.  I was feeling this way and used the pre-made rollers below.
Our Topical Protocol to Boost Immunity 
On Guard and Stronger Rollers:  Both of these are awesome for the immune system.  I put these down the spine, over my lymph nodes, over my sinuses, and also on the bottom of my feet.  I alternated between the OnGuard and Stronger Rollers.  

Breathe Roller:  Of course, I also used my Breathe roller, which is amazing for all things respiratory.  I was rolling this on like crazy to help with that. 

DigestZen and Tamer:   If you have a lot of mucus production going on in your sinuses, take a little bit of DigestZen or Tamer and put it over your sinuses!!  I learned that tip and... WOW!  Game changer!!  I especially like DigestZen for this - it’s super helpful for calming down all the mucus.  

PastTense:  We were dealing with some head discomfort, so I was rolling PastTense on my head, temples, and back of head.    

CorrectX:  I was blowing my nose a lot, so it definitely got a little irritated.  I put Correct X around my nostrils several times a day to help with the irritation.  DoTERRA’s lip balm was amazing too!!

Epsom Salts with Essential Oils:  Since we are in the middle of finding a new RV, we are temporarily living in a cabin.  The perk of this is that we have a BATH TUB!!  We took full advantage and took epsom salt baths daily.  Epsom salt has magnesium and sulfate, and helps with detoxing.  The goal is to soak out the sickness and infuse our body with things that are going to help with inflammation, aches and pains, support our immune system, calm, and give respiratory support.  For these reasons, the oils we used with the epsom salts were:  Tea Tree, Copaiba, Frankincense, Eucalyptus, Arborvitae, and Lavender.  We did 1-2 drops of each in about ½ cup Epsom salt.

Symphony of the Cells:  Also, my husband busted out my massage table and gave a Symphony of the Cells treatment.   Symphony of the Cells book is a "collection of massage protocols to create harmony physically, emotionally and spiritually within the body."  Each is specific to a system of the body to target ailments.  The protocols are so incredibly helpful!  If you are interested, you can grab a copy here!  (Use my code Natural Family to save $5 on your order!)

In Addition to doTERRA!!
Again, we attack from all angles!  Our immune systems need all the support they can get!!   Some additional things we used are below:

  • Lipospheric Vitamin C pouches:  My husband absolutely hates these, but again, we want to support the body and do extra vitamin C!
  • Zinc:   We use Mary Ruth’s Liquid Ionic Zinc.   We like this company because they use non-GMO, plant-based, vegan ingredients, with the fewest number of allergens as possible. 
  • ColdCalm Homeopathics:  I am newer to homeopathy but I have a friend who has been helping me learn and it's really interesting!  We added these in for extra support!

Are you following me on Social Media?  I share tons of Immune Boosting oil tips, recipes, diffuser blends, and more on my Instagram and Facebook accounts!!  Plus, I go LIVE on Instagram every Thursday at 1 PM MT.   Follow along so you don't miss out!! 

Interested in getting started with Essential Oils?  Check out these beginner kits to find one that best fits your needs!!  If you are looking for an immune boosting kit, I would recommend one of the following:  Cura Collection, Healthy Habits, or the Healthy Start kit!  

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