Top Essential Oils To Make Your Home Smell Like Fall {FREE PRINTABLE}

Apple cider with a hint of cinnamon, camp fires, crisp leaves, warm pumpkin pie…. Ahhhh don’t you just love Fall smells?!  They are so cozy and comforting – it’s no wonder we can’t get enough!!   Every year, as soon as the weather starts to turn a little cooler, you better believe my diffuser will be going 24/7 with ALL the Fall smells!!  Diffusing essential oils is the PERFECT way to fill your house with the warm, cozy scents of Fall - NATURALLY!
Back in the day, I used to be a candle addict and would burn them constantly in the fall and winter months… but then I learned how toxic and harmful they were in our homes!  I didn’t want to give up all the heavenly fall smells and discovered a natural way to get the scents sans the toxins – diffusing essential oils!!

I’m sharing my top 10 essential oils to make your house smell like fall, easy diffuser blends using these oils PLUS a bonus printable -- 30 Day Fall Diffuser Calendar!!!   I guarantee you’re going to FALL in love with the way they make your house feel!!

Top 10 Fall Oils To Make Your House Smell Like Fall:

  • Cinnamon Bark
  • Douglas Fir
  • Madagascar Vanilla
  • On Guard
  • Clove
  • Frankincense
  • Wild Orange
  • Ginger
  • Bergamot
  • Cedarwood

Quick Reminder:  Essential Oils are not all created equally.  You can’t run down to the grocery store and get the same quality as you would from doTERRA.  I only use doTERRA because I know their research-backed quality and purity, and I know they’re safe! 

Yes, these oils smell fabulous, but another amazing thing is almost all of the above Fall oils have additional immune boosting properties, so when you inhale them, you are getting health benefits as well!  How cool is that?!  

You can diffuse all of the above oils on their own, but one of my favorite things about diffusing is that I can customize the scents that fill my home every single day -- one day I’m in the mood to be surrounded by pumpkin pie and the next day… give me all things Vanilla!!  It’s so fun to try out different blends!!!  New to diffusing?  Check out my blog post: Essential Oil Diffuser: The Easiest Way To Use Essential Oils -- where I talk about diffuser FAQs and basics!

Here are some of my favorite Cozy Fall Diffuser Blends (using the above oils) to get you started:
Apple Cider
4 drops Wild Orange
3 drops Ginger
3 drops Cinnamon Bark

Pumpkin Spice
4 drops Clove
2 drops Cinnamon
2 drops Wild Orange
2 drops On Guard

Camp Fire
3 drops Douglas Fir
3 drops Frankincense
2 drops Sandalwood

Fall Vibes
2 drops Clove
1 drop Cedarwood
1 drop Bergamot

Want to keep the Fall scents going all season long??  Download our *FREE PRINTABLE* 30 Day Fall Diffuser Blend Calendar!!!

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Interested in getting started with Essential Oils?  Check out these beginner kits to find one that best fits your needs!!  As always, reach out to me with any questions -- I'm here to help!!

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