Spotlight On: doTERRA's New Products!

TODAY IS THE BIG DAY!  doTERRA’s new products for 2021 are now live on their website!!

I have been with doTERRA since the beginning of 2013, and I have genuinely never been this excited about new products!  I will go on record and say this is my favorite release that they’ve done to date!  I’m talking items that have been on my wish list for years – Vanilla oil, new natural cleaning products, laundry pods, Deep Blue Stick!!  I’ve had the opportunity to try out all of these new products, and I wanted to share thoughts with you on some of my favorites.   Below, I’ll give you a quick rundown on each, along with tips on how to use them in your everyday life!

Quick Tip:  doTERRA released a Convention Kit with all of these products right after the Convention and it sold out in record time!  There is a lot of excitement and I have a feeling some of these will sell out as if you have your eye on something, don’t wait too long to grab it!  

You can buy these products individually or as a kit here.  

Madagascar Vanilla

Did you know…. only 1% of vanilla actually comes from real vanilla beans?!  So what have we been cooking with all of these years?!  Well, it can be completely synthetically made in a lab or naturally made from many sources, including tree bark or beaver bum!  (Google: castoreum!!)

doTERRA’s new Madagascar Vanilla comes from REAL vanilla beans!  Fun fact: Farmers must hand-pollinate each flower when it blooms and the flowers only bloom 1 day per year.  It is quite a long process from plant to bottle… but worth the wait!

I cannot stop talking about this oil!!!!  This is one of my favorite products and one of the most amazing, intoxicating vanillas I’ve ever smelled!  The oil provides a rich, warm, sweet aroma and promotes a comforting and relaxing atmosphere.  It is a pure absolute, prediluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil to make topical application easy, and can be used topically, aromatically and internally.  My favorite way to use this right now is to diffuse it with Harvest Spice for the perfect Fall Blend!  I also dab it on like perfume before I head out the door every day.  Some other ideas would be to add it to lotion or facial cream, add a drop to your beverage, or put in a warm bath with Epsom salt!

On Guard+ Chewable Tablets

We have been using these daily and they are SO GOOD!  After seeing them in action… they are now officially tied with Vanilla for my favorite new product!  We love On Guard in our household to help with boosting our immune system and these tablets are an easy way to get that support every day! They are a daily chewable, packed with the power of:  On Guard blend, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, Beta-glucan.  Fun Fact:  Beta-glucan stimulates the immune system by increasing body chemicals which prevent infection and is a soluble source of fiber.   As an added bonus, they are sugar-free, gluten-free, non GMO and Vegan!!  

So what does it taste like?  To me, it has just a slight On Guard taste – it’s pleasant and not super spicy.  I am ordering more of these today and stocking up on them for the upcoming winter months!

Deep Blue Stick + Copaiba
Everything you love about Deep Blue-- now in a convenient stick PLUS the added benefits of Copaiba!!  If you’re like me, you love Deep Blue, but don’t necessarily love having the cream all over your hands after using it.  This option is amazing because it’s mess-free!  The stick is super easy to throw in a gym bag, backpack, or purse.  We use this to help with sore muscles after long hikes and it’s also great to use topically for menstrual cramps! 

Some other ideas for use:  You can apply to your neck and back for tension, wrists after a long day at the computer, kid’s legs to help with growing pains, bottoms of feet after a long walk, joints, and lower back to help with soreness!  I have heard from a number of people that they’re buying these stocking stuffers for the upcoming holidays – love that idea!

Abode Home Line 

Did you know that household cleaners are filled with toxins, respiratory irritants, hormone disrupters, and so much more?  When I first got into essential oils, one of the things I fell in love with was all of the natural cleaning options. And I couldn’t believe how simple it was to make the switches from Toxic to Natural! 

I love that doTERRA has made this switch even easier by giving us an ENTIRE cleaning line, powered by essential oils!!  The abode line is formulated using simple, pure, natural ingredients, free from phosphates, sulfates, phthalates, dyes and chlorine!!  

Every product contains the abode essential oil blend, which has CPTG® essential oils high in cleansing constituents including limonene, geranial, neral, and 1,8-cineole.  In short... This oil blend is powerful and has a fresh, citrusy scent!!   

The products in the abode home line are:
  • abode Laundry Pods
  • abode Dishwasher Pods
  • abode Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaning Concentrate
  • abode Liquid Dish Soap
  • abode Hand Lotion Refill Infused with Citrus Bloom
  • abode Foaming Hand Wash Concentrate Infused with Citrus Bloom
  • abode Refreshing Essential Oil Blend
Another thing that I LOVE and think is important to point out…. they focused on using minimal packaging with this line!!   Instead of single-use plastics, the abode line has these gorgeous reusable brown glass bottles with brushed metal pumps… so you can buy them to fill and refill with the concentrates and pouches!   

The products themselves are packaged in Post-Consumer Recycled material or recyclable glass or aluminum bottles.  I know this is something we’ve all been requesting and I think it’s so cool that doTERRA listened and delivered!

Let’s break down a few of my favorites from this line:

abode Laundry Pods
These are fabulous and I can’t believe I went so long without them!  No more measuring, no more fussing – just toss a pod in and get your clothes cleaned NATURALLY!  The pods are concentrated and powerful -- they were made to deeply clean, lift stains, and keep colors vibrant. Because of the doTERRA abode, it has a fresh, citrus aroma.  Comes with 45 pods! 

abode Dishwasher Pods
Living in an RV, we don’t have the luxury of a dishwasher!  But, I have to tell you - I have received the most feedback on these than any other product!!  I know it’s easy to be skeptical with natural dishwasher products-- back in the day, we had absolutely no luck trying to find one that didn’t leave a film on our glasses/leave food stuck to plates!  So it’s exciting to find a natural product POWERFUL enough to ACTUALLY clean your dishes and leave glasses sparkling!  From what I hear – this is the real deal!  It has the citrusy aroma of abode, and comes with 24 pods.  This can be used as a toilet bowl cleaner as well!

abode Dish Soap
I always joke that I have two dish washers - my hands!  We wash our dishes by hand, so this product is getting a lot of use at our home!  It’s a powerful plant-based liquid soap -- it contains the abode Refreshing blend PLUS Grapefruit essential oil, which is high in limonene. I love how this cuts through grease and grime on dishes, but isn’t hard on my hands!  The scent is quite lovely and refreshing!

abode Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner Concentrate 
With everything going on, I find myself constantly wiping down surfaces, door knobs, etc. in our RV!!  I’ve been loving this product - it’s a concentrate, so you just add the cleaner and water to the refillable spray bottle and spray away!  You can get multiple uses out of this. It’s formulated with the abode blend plus thymol, which is known for its powerful cleansing properties. This can be used where food is prepared, and it’s tough on grease and grime in the kitchen, bathroom, counters, and wherever needs a little wipe down!

All of these products are available individually or you can purchase them as a kit here.  

Have questions about any of the new products?  Or want to learn more about how oils can be used in your everyday life?   Please reach out to me and use me as a resource-- I am so passionate about essential oils and natural living and would love to talk with you!   Chat with you soon!

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